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NEW Actistatin® Canine 132 Count Large Dog Soft Chews



Actistatin® Canine Large Dog Soft Chews are triple-patented and clinically proven joint support. Formulated for maximized absorption, increase bioavailability and Hyaluronan (HA)production, these soft chews will help enhance cartilage and soft tissue while fighting normal inflammation and free radicals. The added powerful antioxidants help blood flow. When confronted with larger dogs experiencing joint discomfort, Actistatin® Large Dog Soft Chews are the ideal joint support choice for fast-acting joint care.

65 Day Supply

  • Triple-patented Formula for Maximum Absorption
  • 60% Absorption to the Bloodstream - The Highest of ANY Oral Joint Supplement
  • Fights Normal Inflammatory Responses
  • Promotes Joint Synovial Fluid Production
  • Powerful Antioxidant & Omega-Rich Formula
  • No Loading Dose
  • Safe For Long Term Use

NEW Actistatin® Canine 132 Count Large Dog Soft Chews Reviews

Based on 40 reviews

Great product.

Posted by Priscilla Phillips on Dec 8th 2021

I can see a difference for my Rottweilers!

works great

Posted by Troy on Aug 26th 2021

We tried a sample of actistatin chews from our vet. Our advanced age labradoodle responded really well to them and it has helped him with hip pain. He's able to do more after we started on the chews.

Great product

Posted by Gail Osborne on Jul 2nd 2021

We started our 10 year old Pittie mix on this during the winter when we noticed she was having a hard time getting up onto the couch
Within a very short time frame, she was moving more freely and back to her old level of activity
Very palatable and easy to administer

Actistatin Canine 120 count large dog chews

Posted by Linda on Jun 15th 2021

This product has helped our 12 year old boxer get her strength and energy back. She has had cancer surgery in her back right leg. She has not had a lot of energy since then. However, after taking these chews, she is back to RUNNING up the street to various neighbors house to get treats! We are very grateful that an ex-neighbor told us about your products. (He had used them on his dog before the dog passed away.)