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Actistatin® Canine 120 Count Large Dog Soft Chews


Actistatin® Canine Large Dog Soft Chews are triple-patented and clinically proven joint support. Formulated for maximized absorption, increase bioavailability and Hyaluronan (HA)production, these soft chews will help enhance cartilage and soft tissue while fighting normal inflammation and free radicals. The added powerful antioxidants help blood flow. When confronted with larger dogs experiencing joint discomfort, Actistatin® Large Dog Soft Chews are the ideal joint support choice for fast-acting joint care.

60 Day Supply

  • Triple-patented Formula for Maximum Absorption
  • 60% Absorption to the Bloodstream - The Highest of ANY Oral Joint Supplement
  • Fights Normal Inflammatory Responses
  • Promotes Joint Synovial Fluid Production
  • Powerful Antioxidant & Omega-Rich Formula
  • No Loading Dose
  • Safe For Long Term Use

Actistatin® Canine 120 Count Large Dog Soft Chews Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

Miraculous Improvement

Posted by C.G. on Feb 13th 2021

My greyhound has been having back and hip issues, and my friend recommended this supplement that she’s been using for years with her bulldogs. Long story short, I’ve seen an amazing improvement in his gait and stamina! He’s not fussing around and around in his dog bed 50 x a night from what it seemed like being in pain from laying too long on one side. I can’t tell you enough about how effective these supplements are. Worth every penny. Thank you for making this product—they are ‘grey’t!

Dog loves it!

Posted by Nancy Pardee on Feb 11th 2021

Our vets recommended these chews as part of a comprehensive plan to help our senior dog with her arthritic hips and we have used them for a couple of years now and been very happy with their effectiveness. Amazingly, they also apparently taste good because she gobbles them up as treats!

16 year old lab

Posted by Cindy Hoefs on Feb 9th 2021

I have a 16 year old red lab that suffers from arthritis. These chewables help her in more ways then one. Not only does it give her pep in her step but she even runs a little again. Highly recommend

Great product!

Posted by Janet on Feb 8th 2021

My sample of this product is what brought me to GLC Direct. I couldn't believe a 10 day sample would make a difference in my older Boxer, but it showed a difference in 3 days! She's still kicking it at 13 1/2 years now and can even jump on the bed (when I run out, within a few days...she can't).