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Actistatin® Canine 60 Count Large Dog Soft Chews


Actistatin® Canine Large Dog Soft Chews are triple-patented and clinically proven joint support. Formulated for maximized absorption, increase bioavailability and Hyaluronan (HA)production, these soft chews will help enhance cartilage and soft tissue while fighting normal inflammation and free radicals. The added powerful antioxidants help blood flow. When confronted with larger dogs experiencing joint discomfort, Actistatin® Large Dog Soft Chews are the ideal joint support choice for fast-acting joint care.

30 Day Supply

  • Triple-patented Formula for Maximum Absorption
  • 60% Absorption to the Bloodstream - The Highest of ANY Oral Joint Supplement
  • Fights Normal Inflammatory Responses
  • Promotes Joint Synovial Fluid Production
  • Powerful Antioxidants & Omega-Rich Formula
  • No Loading Dose
  • Safe For Long Term Use

Actistatin® Canine 60 Count Large Dog Soft Chews Reviews

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He was jumping on and off the couch again!

Posted by Tiny Meeker on Mar 31st 2020

Actistatin Canine is a incredible product for my dogs. I have a large older dog who has having issues getting up and down from the couch and just moving around well. After about 2 weeks from taking the chews. He was jumping on and off the couch again. He loves the chews so much. He comes running as soon as he hears me shaking the container. He thinks it is a treat. Eats it every time.