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Actistatin® Equine 2.05 lb (928.4 g) Equine Powder


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Shiny New Label, Same Excellent Product!

Actistatin Equine is formulated from the base GLC 5500 formula combining all 4 Glucosamines plus Chondroitin with the patented Actistatin® Blend to increase absorption to the bloodstream from GLC 5500’s 26% to 63% in the Actistatin Equine!

Clinically proven to triple Hyaluronan production & quality (viscosity, & volume) in the first 4 weeks with continuing improvement through 24 weeks. It supports enhanced range of motion & flexion scores while fighting free radical damage and normal inflammatory responses due to training, performance & age.

Formulated for any horse that experiences joint discomfort, this is ideal for long term joint maintenance (preventative & otherwise). Positive changes have been documented in our Actistatin® Equine study within the first 30 days of use with continuing improvements with long-term use.

90 Day Supply

  • Clinically Proven to:
    • Triple Hyaluronan (HA) Production & Quality – (Count, Viscosity & Volume)
    • Double Delivery of Glu/Chon to the Joint
    • Enhance ROM (range of motion) & Flexion Scores
  • 63% Absorption to the Bloodstream- The Highest of ANY Oral Joint Supplement
  •  Helps Relieve Normal Joint Stiffness (Due to Training, Exercise, Age etc.)
  •  Fights Free Radicals & Normal Inflammatory Responses
  • Suitable For ALL Disciplines- Will Not Test
  • Supports Healthy Joints & Bones

Actistatin® Equine 2.05 lb (928.4 g) Equine Powder Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Actistatin helps my 23 year old mare stay happy and sound

Posted by Liz of MN on May 1st 2022

I have been using GLC products for many years. I am impressed with the results in my geriatric thoroughbred mare who still has beautiful gaits and who can enjoy both the challenges and fun of trail riding for many years to come---I hope. This product is my equine vet's favorite equine joint supplement.


Posted by Kimberly Smith on Oct 28th 2021

I have been using Actistatin for over a year now and my horses have stayed more sound since they started it. I coach an intercollegiate team and use my horses for lessons as well. They are older and have some arthritis. I saw a big difference in them once I switched from a different joint supplement to this one.

Actistatin Equine and Canine

Posted by Dave on Mar 24th 2021

My wife and I have two horses -- both of which are over twenty. Her horse has had a history of arthritis and being unpredictably off because of it. My horse is older and was showing signs of "achiness". In combination with some changes in their hoof care and an anti-inflammatory, we began a daily regimen of 4mg of Actistatin Equine. Both horses are doing significantly better. My wife's horse is seldom off and my horse moves much more smoothly. We are so thrilled with the product that we began giving it to oiur two older dogs Actistatin Canine and have had similar results. Highly recommend both products

Equine acustatin

Posted by Karen on Mar 14th 2021

I switched my horse to this recommended by her chiropractor several years ago. Her last vet check at 17 yrs by lameness specialist he said she’s good! Even her hocks show no arthritis.