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Actistatin® Equine 2.05 lb (928.4 g) Equine Powder


Actistatin Equine is formulated from the base GLC 5500 formula combining all 4 Glucosamines plus Chondroitin with the patented Actistatin® Blend to increase absorption to the bloodstream from GLC 5500’s 26% to 63% in the Actistatin Equine!

Clinically proven to triple Hyaluronan production & quality (viscosity, & volume) in the first 4 weeks with continuing improvement through 24 weeks. It supports enhanced range of motion & flexion scores while fighting free radical damage and normal inflammatory responses due to training, performance & age.

Formulated for any horse that experiences joint discomfort, this is ideal for long term joint maintenance (preventative & otherwise). Positive changes have been documented in our Actistatin® Equine study within the first 30 days of use with continuing improvements with long-term use.

90 Day Supply

  • Clinically Proven to:
    • Triple Hyaluronan (HA) Production & Quality – (Count, Viscosity & Volume)
    • Double Delivery of Glu/Chon to the Joint
    • Enhance ROM (range of motion) & Flexion Scores
  • 63% Absorption to the Bloodstream- The Highest of ANY Oral Joint Supplement
  •  Helps Relieve Normal Joint Stiffness (Due to Training, Exercise, Age etc.)
  •  Fights Free Radicals & Normal Inflammatory Responses
  • Suitable For ALL Disciplines- Will Not Test
  • Supports Healthy Joints & Bones


Actistatin® Equine 2.05 lb (928.4 g) Equine Powder Reviews

Based on 5 reviews


Posted by Becky on May 28th 2020

My mare has hock arthritis (diagnosed with x-rays). At one point she was so sore that the farrier could not trim her back feet. She was just not able to pick her legs up for him. I got Actistatin for her, and by the next farrier appointment, he commented that she seemed like nothing was ever wrong with her! She never goes without it now. I’ve tried to take her off it and she got stiff again. I just started giving it to my older mare too.


Posted by Elizabeth Ralstin on May 19th 2020

I started using this for my dog, and it gave him about 3 more years of a good life. Started my horses on this in 2016 (?). My oldest horse is 20, and regularly reminds me he can still put me on the ground — should he want to. My mare (9) has a slight stifle hitch, which went completely away, when on Actistatin (I ran out and it came back) and she is more comfortable on this product. There are others out there that are less expensive, but you pay for what you get. This is DEFINITELY by far — the BEST PRODUCT I have ever used for either dogs or horses, and will not use anything else. I recommend this product.

Excellent product

Posted by Elizabeth Dahl on Oct 24th 2017

I have used this product for several years and found it very helpful for managing arthritis in horses so that they can maintain their comfort for trail riding. This is a high quality, well researched product rec'd by my equine vet. Friend of mine have had excellent results as well. Very palatable. Easy to administer on top of a ration balancer or senior feed.

Actistatin® Equine 2.05 lb (928.4 g) Equine Powder

Posted by Michelle Shew on Aug 17th 2017

I would recommend this product to everyone that has horses. I have been using it for years now.