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ProActive ProBiostatin® 30ml Canine Paste


Healthy Gut = Healthy Dog.

  • Convenient Single Use Syringe
  • Featuring 2 Probiotic Strains that were Engineered & Registered for Their Antibiotic & Gastric Shock Resistant Properties.
  • Two unique Strains of Probiotics & Patented Gastric Facilitator
  • Proven Bio-regulator that Supports Energy, Muscle, & Overall Health.
  • Promotes Healthy Gut Flora Populations and Function
  • Assists in the Digestion & Absorption of Key Nutrients
  • Moderates Environmental Impacts on the GI Tract (Travel, Training, Weaning etc.)


Probiotics are very fragile. They are easily destroyed through exposure to gastric juices (in the dog’s stomach), extreme temperatures (during shipping or in the feed room), light (on store shelves), or oxygen (in the container itself). Indeed, many probiotics are dead long before they ever get off the store shelf.

ProActive ProBiostatin® has addressed these issues by encapsulating our microflora into a stabilized yeast matrix. While providing shelter and protection from the environment, it is also a source of nutrient rich food to sustain them while they wait to be fed to your dog. Once fed, ProBiostatin restores GI balance and health, allowing the dog to more easily reach maximum potential.

ProActive Probiostatin® is a gastric shock resistant, stable, effective probiotic with clinically proven antibiotic resistant strains that act as a true bio-regulator- promoting and supporting the overall good health and optimal performance of the dog.

Clinical Benefits:

  1. Supports GI homeostasis-the stabilization of GI tract.
  2. Supports healthy weight gain and nutrient absorption.
  3. Promotes a balanced microflora in the gut.
  4. Supports the overall well-being of the dog.
  5. Nourishes Natural Gut Bacteria.

ProActive ProBiostatin Probiotic Characteristics

  1. Survives gastric shock.
  2. Bio-regulates intestinal flora by increasing resident microbial mass created by its specific enzymes.
  3. Creates metabolic acidification allowing resident microbial metabolites to control gastro-intestinal pH.
  4. Increases feed efficiency via “Homofermenting” - yielding more energy: 2 ATP from one glucose molecule.
  5. Decreases gas production.



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