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ProActive ProBiostatin 2.35 lb. Equine Powder

Healthy Gut = Healthy Horse.
  • Two unique Strains of Probiotics & Patented Gastric Facilitator
  • Proven Bio-regulator that Supports Energy, Muscle, & Overall Health.
  • Promotes Healthy Gut Flora & pH to Address Occasional Gastric Distress
  • Assists in the Digestion & Absorption of Key Nutrients
  • Moderates Environmental Impacts on the GI Tract (Travel, Training, Weaning etc.)

60 Day Supply 

Probiotics are very fragile. They are easily destroyed through exposure to gastric juices (in the horse’s stomach), extreme temperatures (during shipping or in the feed room), light (on store shelves), or oxygen (in the container itself). Indeed, many probiotics are dead long before they ever get off the store shelf.

ProActive ProBiostatin® has addressed these issues by encapsulating our microflora into a stabilized yeast matrix. While providing shelter and protection from the environment, it is also a source of nutrient rich food to sustain them while they wait to be fed to your horse. Once fed, ProBiostatin restores GI balance and health, allowing the horse to more easily reach maximum potential.

ProActive ProBiostatin® is a gastric shock resistant, stable, effective probiotic with clinically proven antibiotic resistant strains that act as a true bio-regulator- promoting and supporting the overall good health and optimal performance of the horse.

Clinical Benefits:

  1. Supports GI homeostasis-the stabilization of GI tract.
  2. Supports healthy weight gain and nutrient absorption.
  3. Promotes a balanced microflora in the gut.
  4. Supports the overall well-being of the horse.
  5. Nourishes Natural Gut Bacteria.

ProBiostatin® represents the newest development in improving the delivery and survivability of probiotics throughout the GI tract all the way to the hindgut. By combining two of the most well established and gastric resistant probiotic strains (Kluyveromyces fragilis and Saccharomyces cerevisiae) with the patented Actistatin® technology ProBiostatin enhances the beneficial effect of these specific probiotic strains by stabilizing gastric pH and reducing metabolic loss in the stomach.

ProActive ProBiostatin® is a true gastrointestinal bio-requlator. It enhances natural microbial proliferation and metabolic activity at every level of the G.I. tract as it changes with each level of the tract. This is the profound difference between ours and the competition.

How is this achieved? Actistatin® gastric stabilizer is clinically proven to aid in protein isolate survivability. Protected by two US patents, Actistatin® reduces metabolic loss, gastric acid production and temporarily raises alkalinity to provide a favorable environment that reduces gastric shock responsible for loss.

  1. Kluyveromyces fragilis: This registered strain of microorganism is stabilized and isolated through a patented manufacturing process, allowing the first pH resistant commercial lactic yeast-based probiotic that helps stimulate the proliferation of intestinal flora.
  2. Saccharomyces cerevisiae: This registered strain of microorganism is one of the most widely used probiotics in the world. It is stabilized and isolated to be pH resistant to gastric loss and to improve metabolic function of intestinal flora while facilitating uptake and utilization of the proteins, carbohydrates and nutrients. in the existing equine diet.

ProActive ProBiostatin® Probiotic Characteristics

  1. Survives gastric shock.
  2. Bio-regulates intestinal flora by increasing resident microbial mass created by its specific enzymes.
  3. Creates metabolic acidification allowing resident microbial metabolites to control gastro-intestinal pH.
  4. Increases feed efficiency via “Homofermenting” – yielding more energy: 2 ATP from one glucose molecule.
  5. Decreases gas production.

ProActive ProBiostatin 2.35 lb. Equine Powder Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Helps older horse

Posted by Janet Isman on Feb 8th 2021

I have an older horse who has huge gut issues when stalled more in the winter. This product has helped with his intestinal function and is relatively economic. Other brands didn't work as well for him. Easily added to food (and he can pick out other supplements).!

Works Great!

Posted by Sue K on Jun 8th 2020

Recommended by my equine vet for my thirty y/o quarter horse mare. As she aged, especially during the winter months, her stool became very runny. Once I put her on this probiotic, her stools returned to normal. I continue to add it to her mash, one scoop/once a day, every day. Really helps to balance her gut and keep her regular! I had previously tried every other treatment known and nothing worked. Highly recommend! Thank you GLC Direct!!!!