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MSM Capsules 1000mg


MSM offers the purest (99.7%) and safest form of sulfur compounds available. Sulfur plays a vital role in maintaining the structure of connective proteins and immunoglobulin production – essential for normal inflammatory responses. Supplement MSM to help maintain your overall good health.

  • Replenishes the Essential Mineral Sulfur in the Body
  • Supports Bone & Cartilage Development & Health
  • Promotes Healthy Immune Response
  • Eases Discomfort Associated with Exercise, Training, & Competition

240 Day Supply

MSM Capsules 1000mg Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

MSM Caps

Posted by Brian D on Mar 22nd 2021

I take 2 of these a day. One with my first and last meals of the day along with the powder and my joints feel great. I use to have bursitis in my right elbow that was aggravated when I benched and barbell/dumbbell curl. I haven't felt any discomfort in my elbow since using this. I have been taking these with the powder since 2017 and have no complaints. Well worth the money in my opinion.

Disconnect between recommended dosing and supply day-count

Posted by Scott on Jun 19th 2020

I only recently started taking these to help ease pain and discomfort in my shoulders, wrists, and one elbow so I do not expect to feel any difference just yet. I did want to point out though this is touted as a 240 day supply and contains 240 capsules. However, the recommended dosing on the bottle states that you should take between 2-3 capsules a day. Thus, if you follow their recommendations, this is actually only an 80 to 120 day supply. Personally I am sticking with one capsule per day, and will update my review and rating after approximately a month whether or not I feel a difference.

MSM is extremely important for the recovery of my muscles.

Posted by Tiny Meeker on Mar 31st 2020

MSM is extremely important for the recovery of my muscles. Very easy soft gel pills. Being over 300 pounds. I take 3 every day with my first and last meal everyday. When your moving the huge numbers in the gym that I do. You want to make sure your muscles are recovering as fast as possible.