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Hoof & Bone 2 lb. Powder


Nothing is more important for top equine performance than strong, healthy hooves and bones. Hoof and Bone is a scientifically sound formulation with the proper ratio of calcium citrate to calcium Di-phosphate and the key components for keratin development: 99.9% pure Biotin and D-methionine.


Skeletal issues: Our horses skeletal systems have a much more complex role in regulating vital body functions than simply supporting the musculature and protecting the vital organs. As a matter of fact sensory cells (Osteocytes) within the skeletal system sense mineral and vitamin imbalances throughout the bloodstream and respond by donating, or leaching the needed components from the bone via cells (Osteoclasts) to aid in achieving proper balance. If left unchecked this can lead to weak and thin bone.

Hoof and Bone successfully addresses this problem each and every day.


Hoof Issues: Proper keratin development is vital for healthy hooves. Hoof & Bone provides the proper levels of essential Amino Acid and metabolic precursor that help the body generate optimal keratin for rock hard hooves in 99.9% pure Biotin and D-methionine.

GLC Direct: 20 Years of helping horses live longer and healthier lives. 


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