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GLC 5500® 2 lb (907 g) Equine Powder


GLC 5500 is 100% Pure Powder Concentrate. Formulated, patented, and clinically proven to be more than twice as effective at delivering key ingredients (Glucosamine & Chondroitin) to the bloodstream. GLC 5500 can be used as a complete joint care supplement for athletes and companion animals alike and is ideal for active joint support. GLC 5500 is the perfect supplement for young, competing athletes or any animals experiencing joint discomfort. GLC 5500 is a safe, effective and affordable solution for your horse’s complete joint care.

GLC 5500 is recommended by leading equine veterinarians, and is ConsumerLab.com approved.

90 Day Supply

  • 26% Absorption to the Bloodstream - Double the Competition
  • Clinically Proven to Support Joint Health
  • Patented Full Spectrum Joint Support Formula
  • Contains 4 Forms of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Ascorbate & Manganese (crucial biocatalysts)
  • Lubricates & Cushions Joints
  • Supports Improved Joint Function & Flexibility
  • Suitable for ALL Disciplines - Will Not Test


GLC 5500® 2 lb (907 g) Equine Powder Reviews

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Posted by Crystal on Oct 31st 2017

You will not be disappointed in this product. Noticeable results! I've used it for years on several different horses.