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GLC® 2000 Joint Formula (1000 mg) 240 Capsules


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GLC Direct is the only joint support company that has combined all 4 forms of Glucosamine to create full spectrum joint formulas. Available in two forms- powder and capsules, the GLC formula is patented and clinically proven to maximize absorption and utilization of joint building ingredients into the bloodstream. Better Absorption = Better Results for you!

For many people, capsules are the easiest to take. Simply read the dosage chart on the label and take the recommended dosage twice daily. 

Only Supplement With All 4 Forms of Glucosamine & Chondroitin

  • Improves Recovery Time Post-Workout
  • Supports:
    • Cartilage & Bone
    • Connective Tissue & Soft Tissue
    • Muscle Collagen
    • HA Development

60 Day Supply

GLC® 2000 Joint Formula (1000 mg) 240 Capsules Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

GLC 2000

Posted by Ana Stewart on Jan 31st 2021

I was referred to GNC over 20 years ago by a Muay Thai trainer. He swore by it then, and I swear by it just the same. I can feel a difference if I miss more than a few days. It clearly helps with my joint pain.

I've been taking GLC for almost 20 years. I'm 81 and have arthritis, and I believe GLC is keeping me mobile and pain free. I don't take any prescription drugs, but I wouldn't go without GLC.

Posted by Stan Yarian on Jan 21st 2021

Maybe the above should be here. My review of GLC is that it is the best glucosamine on the market.

Helps my dog

Posted by Lori Romano on Dec 8th 2020

I have had my dog on GLC2000 since he was 5 months old. He is now 12. He developed luxating patella in both hind legs, has bad hips, and his ACLs are pretty much shot. At 5 months he was unable to do a single stair. GLC has helped him tremendously. Sadly, he is nearing the end, but I have GLC to thank for 12 awesome years.

GLC 2000

Posted by Andrew in Dallas on Dec 7th 2020

By far the best glucosamine chondroitin there is and the only one that ever worked for me. Has also done wonders for my mother in law's hands.