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GLC 2000 12.4 oz (350 g) Human Powder

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GLC Direct is the only joint support company that has combined all four forms of Glucosamine to create full spectrum joint formulas. Available in two forms- powder and capsules, the GLC formula is patented and clinically proven to maximize absorption and utilization of joint building ingredients into the bloodstream. Better Absorption = Better Results!

GLC Powder is easy to use and mixes well into both beverages and food: protein shakes, electrolyte drinks, yogurt, cereal, etc. Simply measure, pour and mix. 

  • Only Supplement With All 4 Forms of Glucosamine & Chondrotitin
  • Improves Recovery Time Post-Workout
  • Supports:
    • Cartilage & Bone
    • Connective Tissue & Soft Tissue
    • Muscle Collagen
    • HA Development

90 Day Supply

GLC 2000 12.4 oz (350 g) Human Powder Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

GLC 2000 Human Powder

Posted by Adrian Holman on Feb 11th 2021

The human powder keeps my joints in the best of health. Thank you, GLC.

I'd highly recommend it

Posted by Khalid Shadid on Feb 9th 2021

Tiny Meeker recommended this product to me years ago. I've been using it ever since. I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for joint relief.

Best formula I have come across.

Posted by Unknown on Apr 21st 2020

Tried the several other brands. Nothing works as well as this stuff.

No Pain is serious Gains!

Posted by Tiny Meeker on Mar 31st 2020

GLC powder - is the best supplement to use to get rid of aches and pains. I mix it with my juice in the morning. Being the All-Time Bench Press World Record Holder, I don't want to have any aches. No Pain is serious Gains!