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Actistatin® Pro Athlete (1000 mg) 180 Capsules


Actistatin® Pro Athlete formula is a revolutionary new joint support supplement that has been clinically proven to significantly increase Glucosamine and Chondroitin absorption AND enhance Hyaluronan production within the body. This unequaled formulation helps speed recovery in joints and muscles, support circulation and enhance absorption and utilization of key joint support ingredients.


Actistatin® Pro Athlete (1000 mg) 180 Capsules Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Truly Works!

Posted by Kimberly F on Nov 4th 2020

I am a Type 1 diabetic and susceptible to joint issues. I developed " trigger finger " in my right hand which can become quite painful at times. Actistatin Pro Athlete was recommenced by a chemist friend of mine. He was quite familiar with the molecular make up and manufacturing process of this product. I noticed a marked improvement within 1 week of taking as recommend. Additionally, the joint pain I had in my elbow has improved greatly as well. I have reordered 5 times now. Its has become a daily addition to my supplements routine.


Kimberly F

Actistatin® Pro Athlete (1000 mg) 180 Capsules)

Posted by Stu on Nov 3rd 2020

I been using Actistatin® Pro Athlete (1000 mg) 180 Capsules) for over (1) year and have felt and witnessed a decided decrease in pain and increase in mobility.
My shoulder joints are both mostly bone on bone and the Actistatin definitely makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE. I feel both joints seem to be better lubricated with no more clicks or pain. The mobility has increased and the majority of the pain has disappeared.
I would encourage anyone will joint issues give
Actistatin® Pro Athlete (1000 mg) 180 Capsules)
a try,


Stu S

Actistatin Pro Athelete

Posted by Mark on Jul 21st 2020

Huge improvement in knees while running. After using for 10 days, significant improvement with no pain during or after running. Started having pain about a year ago that's gotten progressively worse and I feared that at the age of 50, my daily run would be a thing of the past. I'm so thankful I found a product that really works!

Actistatin® Pro Athlete

Posted by Larry Coleman on Jul 14th 2020

This is by far the BEST joint supplement I have ever used. It only took 3 weeks for me to start feeling better. Even my casting while fishing improved! My elbows and knees feel great. I highly recommend this product.